GreenFutures works for Towns, Cities & Counties


Green Futures is a uniquely qualified consulting, project development, and project management company that was formed to help your town, city, or county navigate the complex world of renewable energy cost management and sustainability program success in a lower-risk manner than has been possible in the past. With over 60 years of project management and Green business success, our founders have a track record of success that can help your town, city, or county to improve your economic prosperity while advancing your sustainability goals over the coming decade and beyond. Contact us soon to explore your opportunities to create new positive Green cash flows with municipally-owned projects in:

  •  Renewable Energy ~ Low-risk clean energy projects so your city can garner new 20-year Green cash flows 
  •  Waste-to-Energy  ~ Transform your landfill and future waste stream into free zero-carbon energy 
  •  Electric Vehicles  ~ Campus Parking Lot Projects with Solar, Energy Storage, and EV charging 

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All our clients are towns, cities, counties and municipalities...